Wheat Straw Water Bottle With Mouth Single-layer Wheat Fragrance Carry-on Cup for Home Office Car Outdoor School

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Wheat Straw Water Bottle With Mouth Single-layer Wheat Fragrance Carry-on Cup Suitable for Home Office Car

1. Material: PP
2. Product size: 19*7.5*7.5CM
3. Net weight: 0.13KG
4. Packaging: OPP bag
5. Packing size: about 20*8*8CM

1. Using natural organic wheat fiber, does not contain any chemical toxins, safe, environmentally friendly and healthy.
2. Wide-mouth water inlet, easy to clean the cup, clean and hygienic.
3. The small drinking port can effectively prevent choking.
4. High density, no gaps, good airtightness, and no water leakage.
5. The cup body is small and portable, convenient to carry, suitable for use and placement in the home, office, and car.

Package description:
1* water cup

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Material:Wheat Straw
Color:As the picture show
Quantity:1 x water bottle
Packing:OPP Bag
Package Size:about 17x7.5x7.5cm

1.Made of wheat straw, environmentally friendly, safe and non-toxic.
2.Double-layer design, heat insulation, anti-scalding.
3.Built-in sealed silicone ring for leak prevention.
4.With a lanyard, easy to carry when going out.
5.Multi-color optional, you can choose the color you like.

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Main Material:Wheat Straw
Color:As the picture show
Type:Water Cup

1.Use high quality wheat straw material, safe and non-toxic.
2.The cup is round and delicate, comfortable to hold, and resistant to temperature and fall.
3.The lid of the cup is provided with a sealed silicone ring for good leakproofness; the top of the lid is provided with a breathable valve, which is made of a safe silicone material and is easy to open.
4.Silicone portable handle, convenient and comfortable, easy to take.
5.Suitable for carrying liquids such as milk, soup, porridge, water, juice and coffee, cold drinks or hot drinks.KR0408KR0408 (3)KR0408A (1)KR0408A (2)KR0408A (3)