Quality Leather Auto Vent Outlet Trash Box Car Smartphone Holder Storage Bag Organizer Car Styling Bag Auto Interior Accessories

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  1. It adopts high-quality PU fabric, which has delicate hand feeling and strong product texture.

  2, small size and large capacity, can be convenient for mobile phones, cigarettes, pens, cards, etc.

  3, avant-garde minimalist design, simple and convenient fashion, stylish checkered printing, high-end atmosphere on the grade.

  4, multi-color selection, suitable for different occasions.

  5, sewing production, exquisite workmanship.


Material: leather

Color: beige, gray, brown, black

Glossy Shape: Rectangle

Use: Car storage

Specification: 9*5*12cm

Product: Car storage

size: 10.5*9cm

Application: storage box and storage

Package Included:

1 * storage box

1 * hook