Portable Clothesline Windproof Clothes Rope Drying Rack Cloth Hanging Line Outdoor Camping Traveling Indoor Multifunction Tools

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1 This kind of clothesline is made of high strength nylon material with strong durability and long service life.

2 The clothesline has slip-proof beads and double line design so that even in the wind, the hanging objects will not be blown away.

3 The clothes line is hooked design, easy to use, whether it is branches, door handle can be suspended.

4 This kind of clothes drying rope has a wide range of uses. It can be used to hang clothes for camping and leisure in the field. It can also be used in hotels and hotels. It is conducive to drying and storing clothes and can prevent wrinkles.5 This kind of clothes line is equipped with colored storage bag. When the rope is used up, it is put into the storage bag for easy carrying.


Package include:1pcs

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