Outdoor Waterproof 13 Color Glowing Ball LED Garden Beach Party Lawn Lamp Swimming Pool Floating Ball light with Inflatable Pump

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Swimming Pool Toy 13 Colors Glowing Ball Inflatable LED Glowing Beach Ball



  • Pool Water Party Game-Beach ball glows in the dark, you can change 13 colors and different functions through the remote control. Provide you with unique swimming pool water toys.

  • Fun outdoor toys-LED luminous balls are perfect for pool parties, summer beach parties, outdoor activities, pool fun. The perfect replacement for glowing / LED balloons! ! !

  • Waterproof floating light-There is a small pocket at the bottom of the luminous ball for LED lights. The light and the ball are waterproof. Suitable for any summer party supplies.

  • Versatile-it can be used as a beautiful decoration or just as a normal beach ball. You can play any ball game in the pool / backyard / beach. As needed, it can be used as a decoration anywhere. Just turn on the LED light and choose the color and function you like.





    • Hood Material: PVC

    •   Size:40cm(16") in diamete

    •   Adjustable color (more than 13 color changes)

    •   Portable cordless

    •   Waterproof

    •   Glowing in the dark

    •   Simple installation







       Package Content:

    •  1pc glowing beach ball

    • 1pc remote control

    • 1pc LED light
    •  1pc pump