LED Lantern Solar Collapsible Camp Flashlight Torch Light Waterproof Lantern Handheld Inflatable Balloon Illuminating Lamp (White)

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It is a compact, solar-powered light that twists flat and inflates to create a lightweight, waterproof lantern.
It is the perfect size to light up a tent or to keep around the house in a first aid kit.
Compact, good looking and functional. The flashlight lantern is a great travel light - perfect for camping, hiking, boating , traveling , bonfires , recreation , light outages , other emergency uses or to leave at your holiday home.
Water resistant, fully collapsible, reliable and durable light even in rain! 
Choose from 3 power modes; bright, dim and strobe. With just one click you are able to switch through 3 power modes effortlessly. Use bright mode when you need loads of light, dim mode when you don't need as much light, and strobe mode is great for emergencies, car breakdowns, or just a disco party in your tent, the intermittent flash setting is bright enough to attract all the attention you'll need. 
Know a hiker or going camping this makes the perfect gift! 
This lantern has intermittent flashing lights, so care should be taken if photosensitive or epileptic.
Safe, sustainable and ultra-portable
Color: white
Size: 105*105*110mm
Lifespan: 100000h
Voltage: 3.7V 
Waterproof level: IP55
Light source: LED
Sunshine duration: 8h
Solar panel power: 0.5W
Rated power: 1 W
Battery: 3.6V 1000mAh lithium-ion battery