Playing Water Toys

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〖Product Specifications〗 108CM × 71CM
〖Suitable age〗 Children over 3 years old
〖Product weight〗 0.8kg
〖Product material〗 0.25mm plastic material
〖Executive Standard〗 GB-6675, American ASTM F-963

★ High-quality materials: using ultra-strong thermal carbon strong polymer PVC, adopting international advanced seam process, streamlined design, strict testing according to international standards. The scientific design makes it not only have a beautiful shape but also more comfortable than ordinary inflatable products. After the wear resistance and low-temperature test, you can put it directly on the ground.

★ A streamlined design, without any protrusions, protection. After testing in the US and Europe, it complies with strict US and European standards. You can choose INTEX products with the same confidence as to them.

★ Beautiful and convenient: Inflatable products are small in volume and light in weight.

★ Good gifts: travel, tourism! It is also a good gift for friends!