Professional Scuba Diving Mask Snorkels Mask Equipment Goggles Glasses Diving Swimming Easy Breath Tube Set

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Diving goggles

  • 1.The diving goggles single can be used for snorkeling and deep diving, one product for two purposes.
  • 2.Goggles Skirt: Key areas around the forehead and cheekbones have been designed with dimples that combine to increase the skirt's softness, flexibility, and skin surface contact.
  • 3.Our exclusive ultralight two­lens mask has an ultra­ light polymer frame and comfort fit skirt in high-quality silicone.

Snorkeling tube

  • 1.Dry snorkel system keeps the main pipe dry by ejecting water through an independent escape pipe. This unique design utilizes the angle of the snorkel pipe and the resilience of the water surface to eject water.
  • 2.Crystal silicone flexible neck 
  • 3.The High Flow Purge design used on snorkels offers a covered large diameter purge valve for simple, quick clearing, reducing the amount of water remaining in the mouthpiece in an instant.

Package include:

  • 1*diving mask
  • 1*snorkel tube 

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